Monday, August 30, 2010

The streets are so clean!

Morning clean up, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

I often get comments from folks overseas about how clean Tokyo's streets look. I noticed that years ago when I first visited Tokyo, but I hardly pay attention anymore. Granted, there are places in Tokyo and Kanagawa where things ain't so pristine, but I don't often photograph those.

The cleanliness isn't magic, of course, someone has to clean them. Usually shops are responsible for keeping the street in front clean. Every morning before opening, you can see people cleaning up, often hosing the street down or at least sweeping.

This doesn't seem to apply so much during the rare snows in the area as snow and ice can remain piled up for quite a while. I used to make decent pocket change (very decent) when it snowed by shoveling snow in front of some of the small shops near where I lived.

Edited to correct an error. I said I sued to make decent pocket change, but I meant I used to.

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