Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nyohosan late afternoon

On the way back down, not far from a some lessor visited shrines. The return to town is always a bit depressing, and the train back to Tokyo even more so. It had been a nice cool day with some snow flurries earlier in the day. I regretted not bringing my camping gear....

Not yet halfway up

but finally solitude---something not easy to come by so close to Tokyo. Nyohosan in Nikko Japan. Not one of the top 100 mountains to climb in Japan and thus fewer people normally around compared to more popular hill like nearby Nantaisan. That's why I chose it and this route. The first time, I did not encounter a single person. This time, only one and he was listening to a squirrel bark. I did find pheasant (unexpected in this area), and plenty of deer sign. I saw no bear tracks or droppings---never have around here, but I noticed the guy I met was wearing a bear bell.

Not a well-marked trail, either. Good.