Saturday, May 27, 2006

Japan Prices

Shopping in Japan--especially Tokyo is often extremely expensive> This is especially true for imported items, but not limited to them. The Nikon D70 is still much, much more expensive than it sells for in the USA even though it is a Japanese product.

I recently bought a holder, and adapter ring, and a ND graduated filter all made by Cokin. Cokin is now part of, or at least affiliated with Kenko, a Japanese company. The whole set cost me nearly $70. In the US, one can get everything for about $35. Half Price. We have all heard the various "explanations" for high prices in Japan for years, and most have turned out to be half-truths or no longer valid.


Included here; some of the rainy scenery around Hakone,
downtown Hakone, near the station, and the Fujiya Hotel.


Hakone is a resort area not far from Tokyo in Kanagawa. The Fuji Hotel, where John Lennon and Yoko Onna stayed for a while is stll there. It is a beatiful building, and I would recommend a stay there if you ever get the chance. Included here: A museum of Edo era buildings under construction; an ice cream shop; Hakone Lake

In Tokyo

Most of these are near Akasaka-Mitsuke in Tokyo. Not far from the Prince hotel and some in near Goldman Sachs in the one of the Mori complexs. Nothing special. Nothing stunning---this is what Tokyo looks like. Of course Shibuya and Shinjuku are flashier, noisier, dirtier, and I suppose satisfy some people's craving for the exotic.