Saturday, August 21, 2010

A busy Saturday

despite the heat which may even be letting up a bit. Only a fool would believe that though.

It being a Saturday, I took another walk through the more interesting places nearby---leaving out the over-priced and rather dull area of Denenchofu.

The shop where tofu is made and sold seemed very busy today.

Plenty of fresh produce at one of the tempting restaurants. One young fellow who worked there was quite helpful when I was taking photos outside.

Some guys just have an enviable knack for fashion in Jiyugaoka

Some gals have decent taste in bicycles

And some women have really nice...uhhh...taste in the restaurants they pass by. By the way, there's a daily Happy Hour from 1700-2000 at the yakiniku restaurant on the right. I wonder what the horumon listed on the menu is? Something akin to chitlins? I'll pass on the 100 yen Asahi Super Dry though, no matter the temperature or the price.


Clarissa at Talk to the Clouds said...

1) I like the composition of your photos and the fact that you're not anxiously working to leave out people all of the time. Nice work.

2) "Horumon" (hormone, from German somehow...) means organ meats. My Japanese students and friends swear they're really tasty. You know--liver heart, and ... well, more. I think they're often grilled, but don't quote me on that.

D said...

Thanks. It is actually harder to get people in a photo then leave them out as most will nearly climb a wall to avoid walking in front of someone with a camera.

I have had horumon before and it was fried, though like you, I understand that most is grilled like that at the restaurant. Mine included more than the usual organs. It was actually pretty good, like chitlins can be once you get over the idea of what it is.