Friday, June 11, 2010


Back in the day---I've always wanted to say that---I hated summer. I hated hot weather. Hot weather defined as anything above 75 in the summer and above about 38 in the winter. I've had to adapt after coming to the somewhat semi-tropical climate of Tokyo. (Tokyo is at 35 latitude, the same as Memphis, Tennessee.)

I adapted thanks to a lot of road biking in extreme heat, poor and very expensive air-conditioning, and occasional experiences in a fully packed train with a broken AC. It doesn't bother me as much as now long as I am not wearing a tie.

The late spring weather in Tokyo is usually very pleasant. It won't last long as rainy season will soon be upon us and then after that, the real heat and humidity sets in.

Japanese women tend to be very sensitive about tanned skin and UV damage. The whiter the skin the better it seems. And we certainly don't want any wrinkles or freckles.

You know summer is here when you see women running around with sun umbrellas


Stu said...

When I first saw a woman in Japan walking around on a fine sunny day with an umbrella I assumed they were mentally ill or all became clear in time though.

I hate umbrellas, I prefer to wear a hat and get wet (or a suntan).

D said...

I almost never used an umbrella before coming here. Still haven't succumbed to the sun umbrella fashion.