Monday, January 17, 2011


Must be getting old and slow. I was kneeling in the middle of this side street with the camera to my eye hoping for something to happen, when I noticed someone very close. It was the little girl on the right waving to me from about 12 inches away. Naturally, I missed the shot, but as they began to walk away, I put the camera back to my eye to see if anything interesting would happen. It did. But I never got it.

I pressed the shutter for a quick photo, and began to lower the camera as I figured they'd be too far away for another. As soon as they heard the shutter, they turned and waved. I raised the camera again, but it was too late. I snapped another anyway, and once again, they turned and waved, just as I was lowering the camera. I gave up after three.

A smart man would have just held the shutter down and hoped 8fps would catch them. A smart man would have.

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