Saturday, May 29, 2010


What th' hell?

As I have observed ad nauseum, there ain't a lot of nature---nature by US, Canada, Australian, and other Western countries standards*---in Tokyo, but there are still places where one can experience the outdoors. Sometimes it takes a little imagination, and you may have to ignore some inconvenient realities, but that shouldn't stop anyone.

On Thursday, I went down to the river and found a group of college-age kayakers, whom I'd guess belong to a kayak "circle" at their university. These sorts of clubs/circles are one of the most important parts of university life in Japan since it's said to be more about learning relationships and positions in society than actually studying academic subjects. I've friends who consider their university years as a four-year vacation. Folks need some time off after years of memorizing for the entrance exams for college.

Goth girls kayak too.

Heading toward the river for well-organized pre-kayaking stretching and running.

Don't tell anyone, but the girl was going faster with less apparent effort...

In the direction of Kawasaki.

*Japanese seem to tolerate and accept a lot more direct human involvement in nature and alteration of nature for improved aesthetics than Americans (US & Canada) and perhaps other westerners do. This is not only my observation, but something I have read or deduced from several sources.

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