Thursday, January 15, 2009

Off Camera lighting

A new group on Flickr has opened called Tokyo Strobist. Tokyo Strobist is based on the original Strobist Flickr pool and will hopefully give interested folks in Japan an opportunity to learn, practice, and show off-camera lighting techniques in either English or Japanese. If enough people are interested, there might even be some meetings in the future.

The photo above used off-camera lighting of a different sort. The dams were closed on the Tamagawa, the river that separates Tokyo and Kanagawa, making the river surface as smooth as glass. (They have done this for several weeks in a row now on Sundays.) It is of Shinmaruko in Kanagawa taken from the Tokyo side of the river.


Chris ( said...

Wow, I might have to take a run down to Tamagawa tomorrow - it looks absolutely incredible!

David said...

It can be when the light is right with that smooth surface. I have taken way too many over the last few weeks.