Saturday, November 04, 2006

A few more of Kyoto

One warning: If you do go to Kyoto and visit some of the popular sightseeing spots, guard your camera well. Although it is very unlikely to be stolen, people have little problem with running into you, hitting your camera or tripod (tripods are prohibited from some temples or shrines) and possibly breaking it. You may (or may not) get an apology, but your camera could be broken and it will be very, very tough to be compensated for it. Use a strap and be very careful. I was taking a quick snapshot-like photo of Kinkakuji (the golden temple below) when a group of Tokyo tourists arrived and actually tried physically pushing me away so they could get their group photo taken. This is not unusual in crowded areas in Japan. Expect to be pushed and shoved without concern, or excuse mes. And take precautions. Most of all, try to hold you temper, even if someone does knock your camera out of your hand and destroys it.

(Photos in RGB, not converted to sRGB)

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